Melrose Dress
Melrose Dress

Melrose Dress

Dress in fine handwoven khadi cotton with belt.

Hand wash in cold water or dry clean.

Loose fitting shapes can easily worn from S-L using any size depending on the loose fit you want.

Khadi fabric, made in India is handwoven from locally grown native hand-spun cotton yarn. Khadi was a symbol of protest against foreign fabrics during the freedom struggle in India against colonization. Mahatma Gandhi encouraged the handwoven cloth making and asked Indians to use them in place of British mill-made fabric imported to India. The khadi fabric has remained as a symbol of nationalism in India and is still used by men and women to make clothes - the fabric is seen as a pure, locally made fine-looking fabric
carrying a rich legacy.



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The World Of Queen Calliope

Unique & Authentic Style

The world of Queen Calliope is printed on the shop window and perfectly reflects Calliope’s personal quest to seek out unique, authentic and beautiful treasures that tell a story.

Traditional Costumes

A genuine "Panorama of the Traditional Costumes of Greece" was captured by the lens of the internationally recognized photographer Calliope a few years ago. With the multilevel support and know-how of the Lyceum of Greek Women, Calliope reveals to us the imaginary world of the traditional costumes of Greece.

Children Of The Light

Through the Children of the Light project by the Greek photographer Calliope, places of astounding beauty come to mind, as well as the freshness, intensity, drama and extraordinary features of Greek youth as seen through Calliopes eyes and camera. She defines her work as a labour of love and a cultural document for the generations to come and for all of us, because it can remind us who we really are.

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