Be Original by Queen Calliope

Hey everybody,
Today i was just thinking about the importance of style and its impact on our psyche.
Since i was a little girl I have always been fascinated by women who dress in their own unique way looking interesting and fabulous by asserting their personality and their uniqueness.
Iris Apfel
A great example is Iris Apfel, a New Yorker, living legend, and style icon, inventive, creative, fun and absolutely original!
She has been the star of major campaigns in the last 10 years, (mind you, this happened in her 90’s wow!!!!) just to name a few, Mac Cosmetics, a luxurious spa in palm beach, and an ice cream company.
I really admire her style, and above all her spirit!
Never afraid to be who she is, to dress as she likes, mixing and matching to extravagant perfection, with love for life and positive energy, her extraordinary personality has inspired books and documentaries about her.
Iris Apfel Style
Queen Calliope
Style has nothing to do with expensive clothes and brand names. It's about an expression of who we are, who we want to be in the world, and about being creative, playfull, having a zest for life, an appreciation of beauty and originality.
Dressing myself has always been a mystifying experience and a playfull ceremony, connected to the art of colors, the art of harmony and originality, the art of fashion and of special pieces i found all around the world.
A beloved vintage silk chinese coat from a flee market, a soft shawl from kashmir, a simple black crepe 70’s dress that has been hanging in the closet for ever, a pair of velvet slippers from venice, a beautiful leather a gucci bag bought in Milan ages ago, a big coral necklace from a trip to Ladakh, a navaho concha belt bought in Arizona, traditional mexican earrings from san miquel allende, a brocade jacket from Benares, an antique velvet hand embroidered vest from a shop in Athens, all small treasures crafted with love and kept with affection.
Treasures that have a story to tell.
Be original
Be unique
Be you 💥
Calliope XOXO
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